In the parallel digital universe of the internet, there is a subculture of people who deep down identify themselves not as human, but as an animal or mystical being. They carry the soul, for example, of a wolf, a fox, a cat, a fairy, a vampire, an angel or a demon. They mostly meet on internet forums where they express their otherness, look for explanations for their animal or mythical origins, and share tips on how to function in a society in which they are so significantly different. They call themselves ‘Otherkin’.

Together with Laura Wiedijk I worked at Kunsthuis Syb on a project where our shared interest in the ‘Otherkin’ subculture formed our point of departure. Through performance, video diaries, blogpost and interventions we investigated the possibility for the emergence of a space where a mode of collective storytelling doesn't escape reality, but could actively shape it. In our presentation projections turned into costumes, costumes into architecture, digital images to skin and youtube monologues into a form of digital voodoo. IMG_1673.jpg IMG_1700.jpg IMG_1709.jpg Shot 2016-02-18 at 22_01_58_1.jpg